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Privacy Policy

Merchants’ Credit Guide holds the information and privacy of its customers and clients in the highest regard and confidence at all times. The privacy policy of Merchants’ Credit Guide exclusively covers the practices and procedures of sensitive information handling. This section of our privacy policy will cover our practices as they pertain to the website “” and information collected as a result of visiting our site.

Information Collection and Uses of Information:

  • Merchants’ collects the information of visitors for the sole purpose of developing a more pleasant and information wealthy user experience. Merchants’ under no circumstance shares, trades, sells or otherwise divulges the personal or sensitive information of its customers to a third party
  • Merchants’ does not use cookies
  • Merchants’ does not collect personal information of website visitors; there is no exception to this policy
  • Merchants’ does keep information metrics with URL, IP address, browser type, language, and the date/ time of your request
  • Merchants’ sole purposes for the collection of said information is for continuous improvement of the browsing experience of customers
  • Merchants’ uses the personal information of its customers for sole purpose of the financial services Merchants’ provides; there is no exception to this policy

If you feel you have been treated unfairly or unprofessionally by one of our agents, please write or email us at